Residential & Commercial Architects

Architect Your Home Introduction

If you are thinking about carrying out a home renovation such as loft conversion or kitchen extension, this introduction shows how Architect Your Home's unique service can help.

Architect Your Home Initial Visit

Taking you through Architect Your Home's initial visit making sure you get the design you desire for your project.

Architect Your Home, co-founded by Jude and Hugo Tugman, make the professional services of architects accessible and affordable to homeowners throughout England.

Tugman has been a leading architectural practice across a range of projects over the past twenty two years, working for some of the most design aware clients in the UK and beyond.

Tugman looks to build meaningful working relationships with clients while offering a full range of professional design services from new build residential to major retail projects.

We are a multifaceted practice providing advice, guidance and management for every aspect of a project. Tugman possesses the expertise, talent and style required to bring a concept to life.

Though diverse, our work is rooted in Architecture and our knowledge of space, structure, materials, light and texture allows us to create expressive spaces that communicate with those who experience them.

The Tugman imagination combines energy, experience and enthusiasm and offers an evolution of design, which can produce wonderful solutions reflecting the needs and aspirations of our clients.